Nikolay Kirov
Teaching [bg]
Courses in 2004/2005 academic year [bg]

NETB101, NETB111

Introduction to Programming (C++)

Lectures [NETB101]:
Tuesday 11:20 to 12:50, room 701
Workshop [NETB111]:
Tuesday 8:00 to 9:30 or 9:40 to 11:10, lab 316


Textbook: Cay Horstmann, Computing Concepts with C++ Essentials, Third Edition, John Wiley & Sons, 2003.

Timetable, lecture slides and labs 

VEDA Results: NET101, NETB111

Style guidelines

Course Objectives
The questions of Test 1 Homework No.1
The questions of Test 2
Homework No.2
The questions of Test 3
Homework No.3
SPECIAL TUTORIAL - 7.01, Friday, 14:00, 309 laboratory - Homework No.3


Unix/Linux Operating system
Compiler and Tool Help


The tutorial (Complete C++ language tutorial)

    KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD &&

Free compilers for MS Windows:
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