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NETB330 Advanced Programming Project - 1

Textbook: Steven S. Skiena,  Miguel A. RevillaProgramming Challenges, The Programming Contest Training Manual Series: Texts in Computer Science, Springer, 2003 [Call Number: Ч 681.325.3 / S 66][Moodle]

You have to execute the following algorithm:
  1. Register yourself as a student at:
  2. Find your problem in the List of students.
  3. Read chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 from the textbook.
  4. Write a program in C++ for solvig your problem.
  5. Check the program using Problem submission [SUBMIT] 
  6. If  Solved appears in the column Status and in the your row, E-mail the source code to nkirov<at> and stop.
  7. Else go to 4.
List of students

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