Nikolay Kirov
Teaching [bg]
Courses in 2008/2009 academic year

NETB390 Advanced Programming Workshop 2

Textbook: Steven S. Skiena,  Miguel A. RevillaProgramming Challenges, The Programming Contest Training Manual Series: Texts in Computer Science, Springer, 2003 [Call Number: Ч 681.325.3 / S 66]

You have to execute the following algorithm:
First step:
  1. Register yourself as a student at:
  2. Go to: Problemset All problems, page 2 (sorted by ID)
  3. Choose 2 problems to solve: first with ID from 110801 to 110808 and second with ID  from 110901 to 110908 among these, which are free yet.
  4. E-mail me your choice.
Second step, when you are assigned the Problem No.
  1. Read chapters 8. Backtracking  and 9. Graph Traversal from our textbook.
  2. Write programs in C++ for solvig your problems.
  3. Check the programs using Problem submission [submit] 
  4. E-mail me the source codes.
Third step:
No.  FN
First Problem
Second Problem Solved

110801 to 110808

110901 to 110908
F35490 Александър Димитров Димитров

F36076 Иван Василев Христов 110801 - Little Bishops yes

110903 - The Tourist Guide yes
F36785 Красимир Николаев Димов

F30690 Петър Ангелов Даражански

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