Nikolay Kirov
Teaching [bg]
Courses in 2007/2008 academic year

NETB330 Advanced Programming Workshop

Textbook: Steven S. Skiena,  Miguel A. RevillaProgramming Challenges, The Programming Contest Training Manual Series: Texts in Computer Science, Springer, 2003 [Call Number: Ч 681.325.3 / S 66]

You have to execute the following algorithm:
First step:
  1. Register yourself as a student at:
  2. Go to: Problemset All problems, page 2 (sorted by ID)
  3. Choose a problem to solve (with ID from 110201 to 110208) among these, which are free yet.
  4. E-mail me your choice.
Second step, when you are assigned the Problem No.
  1. Read chapters 1 and 2 from our textbook.
  2. Write a program in C++ for solvig your problem.
  3. Check the program using Problem submission [submit] 
  4. E-mail me the source code.
Third step:

1. F32116
Атанас Андреев Андреев

2. F31523
Владимир Олегов Горчев 110202 "Poker Hands" YES!
3. F27462
Георги Иванов Василев

4. F33277
Георги Иванов Петров 110204 "Crypt Kicker" YES!
5. F30790
Желяна Начева Донева 110201 "Jolly Jumpers" YES!
6. F30709
Мартин Антониев Даскалов 110208 "Yahtzee"
7. F33089
Флорина Мариана Григоре 110207 "Contest Scoreboard" YES!

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