Information technologies for presentation of Bulgarian folk songs with music, notes and text in a digital library

Scientific project, funded under contract DTK 02/54/17.12.2009 with National Science Fund [bg] of Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science [bg]

Project objectives
  1. Studying of the architectural principles of institutional and, in particular, the academic digital libraries, instruments and tools and creation of functional model of digital library with Bulgarian national music.
  2. Development and application of information technologies in the creation of digital libraries, instruments and tools for search and extraction of knowledge in a concrete scientific field .
  3. Creation of technological environment for digitization of notations specially adapted for Bulgarian folk songs. Creation and development of heterogeneous database with notations, lyrics and music.
  4. Digitization and preservation of Bulgarian cultural heritage, (under this project) over 1000 songs will be digitized and introduced into the database.
  5. Theoretical classification of the songs according to various criteria: technical, implicit-musical, implicit-textual, statistical, genre, cultural, etc.
Expected results and effects from project implementation, knowledge transfer potential, practical applicability of results

Scientific Team

 1.    Assoc. Prof. PhD Nikolay Kirov Kirov (Project Leader), Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – BAS & New Bulgarian University,
 2.    Prof. Dr.Sc.  Lozanka Georgieva Peycheva, Institute of Folklore – BAS
 3.    Assoc. Prof. PhD Maria Mihaylova Nisheva-Pavlova, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics – SU
 4.    Assoc. Prof. PhD Pavel Iliev Pavlov, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics – SU
 5.    Senior Researcher PhD Konstantin Zvezdomirov Rangochev, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – BAS
 6.    Senior Researcher PhD Grigor Haralampiev Grigorov, Institute of Folklore – BAS
 7.    PhD Diana Ivanova Danova-Damyanova, Institute of Art Studies – BAS
 8.    Assistant Professor Petar Ruslanov Armyanov, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics – SU
 9.    Assistant Professor Radoslava Danilova Goranova, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics – SU
10.    PhD student, M.Sc. Lasko Marinov Laskov, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – BAS & New Bulgarian University
11.    PhD student, M.Sc. Stela Yaneva Atanasova, New Bulgarian University
12.    PhD student, Bachelor of Arts Alexandar Borislav Nushev, Institute of Art Studies – BAS
13.    Bachelor of Arts Konstantin Ivanov Panaiotov, Institute of Folklore – BAS
14.    Bachelor of Arts Mariya Ivanova Kumichin-Georgieva, Institute of Art Studies – BAS

Example 1: A simple Bulgarian folk song and their digitization using the standard tools of LilyPond software system

%{ td_093_1_01 }
\include ""
\score {
  \relative c' {
    \tempo 4 = 152
    \time 2/4
    e8( f) g4 | g8( aes) g( f) | \acciaccatura f8 e2 | f4 g | aes g8 f |
    e4 f | g g8( f) | \acciaccatura f8 e2 | e4 e | e2
    \bar "|."
  \addlyrics { И- ван си Ра- ди гу- во- ри, ма- ри,  И- ван си Ра- ди гу- во- ри }
  \layout {
     indent = #0
     line-width = 190\mm
  \midi {
   \context { \Score tempoWholesPerMinute = #(ly:make-moment 152 4) }
  \header {
     opus = "TD-93,1,1"
     tagline = ##f

Иван си Ради говори, мари /2
Либе ле Радо либе ле, мари /2
Ден доде Радо ден доде, мари
Ден доде де Димитровден
Калфите да си излязат мари
Калфите от майсторите
Аргати от чорбаджи, мари
И ас ща Радо да с'ида
Мило ли ти е за мени
Както я мени за теби.
Рада на Иван думаши
Либе Иване, Иване
Както е тебе за мене
Така е мене за тебе
Я почакай ма Иване
да дойдат пости Коледни
Да станат дните мънинки
Я пък нощите големки (големи)
Да преспа мама и тати
и байно с млада невяста
Да бръкна майци у пазуви
А пък на тейко в джубови
Да взема дребно отключи
Сандъци да си отключа
С имане да се назема
Четено и нечетено
Бройено и небройено
Шиници жълти жълтици
Кошове с бели грошове
Иван на Рада думаше
Либе ле Радо либе ле
Не взимай Радо алтъне
Че са тежко за носене
На зимай жълти жълтици
Че са леко за носене.

\sing{Пяла Ивана Вичева Стойкова}
\bornVillage{с. Хисаря, кв. Момина баня (Киселери)}
\marriageVillage{c. Бегово}
\record{декември 1964}
td_093_1_01.lytd_093_1_01.jpgtd_093_1_01.pstd_093_1_01.epstd_093_1_01.pdftd_093_1_01.mid,,   exam_eps_1.pdf

Example 2: Basic elements of the data collection for a song with identifier td_136_1_16

Project seminar [bg]


The Fifth SEEDI International Conference: Digitization of cultural and scientific heritage,
May 19-20, 2010, Sarajevo, BiH

Fourth International Conference: Information Systems & GRID Technologies,
28-29 May 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria

14th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (ELPUB 2010): Publishing in the networked world: transforming the nature of communication,
16-18 June 2010, Helsinki, Finland

The 7 Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Education in Computer Science,
July 06-10 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria [pdf]

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