Nikolay Kirov
Teaching [bg]
Courses in 2007/2008 academic year

NETB390 Advanced Programming Workshop 2

Textbook: Steven S. Skiena,  Miguel A. RevillaProgramming Challenges, The Programming Contest Training Manual Series: Texts in Computer Science, Springer, 2003 [Call Number: Ч 681.325.3 / S 66]

You have to execute the following algorithm:
First step:
  1. Register yourself as a student at:
  2. Go to: Problemset All problems, page 2 (sorted by ID)
  3. Choose 2 problems to solve: first with ID from 110801 to 110808 and second with ID  from 110901 to 110908 among these, which are free yet.
  4. E-mail me your choice.
Second step, when you are assigned the Problem No.
  1. Read chapters 8. Backtracking  and 9. Graph Traversal from our textbook.
  2. Write programs in C++ for solvig your problems.
  3. Check the programs using Problem submission [submit] 
  4. E-mail me the source codes.
Third step:
First Problem
Second Problem Solved

110801 to 110808

110901 to 110908
1. F30562
Веселин Павлинов Хаджитодоров 110805


Владимир Олегов Горчев 110807 Color Hash yes

110902 Playing With Wheels yes
2. F33277
Георги Иванов Петров 110801 Little Bishops

110908 Hanoi Tower Troubles Again! yes
3. F30790
Желяна Начева Донева 110804 "Servicing Stations" yes

110905 "Edit Step Ladders" yes-
4. F30576
Иван Николаев Крачанов

5. F26293
Илиян Венциславов Тодоров 110802 yes

110903 yes
6. F31019
Нестор Георгиев Тодоров

7. F33089
Флорина Мариана Григоре 110803 Queue

110901 Bicoloring. yes

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