Nikolay KIROV, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Informatics
Associate Professor
Department of Operations Research, Probability and Statistics
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Mailing address:
Department of Informatics
New Bulgarian University
21 Montevideo Str., 
1618  Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359 2) 811 0611
E-mail: nkirov<at>
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Akad.G.Bonchev Str., bl.8
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359 2) 979 2850
E-mail: nkirov<at>


1982 Ph. D. in Mathematics (supervisor Prof. P. Kenderov) thesis: "Generalized monotone mappings and differentiability of vector-valued convex mappings"
1978-1982 Postgraduate student at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University "St.Kliment Ochridski"
1977 Master of Sciences in Mathematics, FMI of SU "St.Kliment Ochridski"


2004- Associate Professor (computer science), NBU
1999-2003 Visiting Professor (computer science), Bourgas Free University
1998-2005 Visiting Professor (computer science), South-West University "Neofit Rilski", Blagoevgrad
1996-2000 Head of Extremal problems department, IMI, BAS
1995-2016 Associate Professor, IMI, BAS
1993-1994 Visiting Professor, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA
1982-1995 Assistant Professor, IMI, BAS
1978 Research assistant in the Math department of "Energy-project" (a company for developing and design of power stations and distribution of electric energy), Sofia

Specific Projects

Bilateral project STE 710/6-1, 2009-11-20, between BAS/Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), "Digitization of astronomical plates", Astrophysical Institute of Potsdam, Germany
Head of the scientific project "Information technologies for presentation of Bulgarian folk songs with music, notes and text in a digital library", funded under contract DTK 02/54/17.12.2009 with National Science Fund of Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science
Scientific project "Astroinformatics", funded under contract DO-02-275 with National Science Fund of Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science
Scientific project "Wide-Field Plate Database: Development and Internet Access", funded under contract DO-02-273 with National Science Fund of Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science 
Visiting Researcher in a  KT-DigiCult-BG project "Knowledge Transfer for Digitisation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage in Bulgaria" at National Center of Scientific Research "Demokritos", Institute of Informatics Telecommunications, Athens, Greece
NATO SfP 981149: Operations Research Support to Force and Operations Planning in the New Security Environment
Marie Curie Fellowship of the EC programme "Knowledge Transfer for Digitization of Cultural and Scientific Heritage in Bulgaria''
1998-2003 Award MM-807/98 of the National Science Fund of the Bulgarian Ministry of Science and Higher Education: "Reachable sets of differential equations"
1998 Visiting professor in a research VW-Project "Iterative Techniques for Convection-Diffusion Problems on locally refined meshes", Institut fuer Analysis und Numerik, Otto-von-Guericke Universitaet Magdeburg, Germany. Developing algorithms and writing codes (in Matlab environment) for two and three dimensional meshes and finite element solvers.
1993-1994 Visiting professor in a research project "Image compression using wavelets" at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA:  Developing algorithms and writing codes (on C language) for two-dimensional image compression based on Haar, Daubechies and biorthogonal wavelet transformations.
1991-1994 Award No 58/91 of the National Science Fund of the Bulgarian Ministry of Science and Higher Education: "Computer modeling of dynamical systems and strange attractors"
1987-1992 Joint research project of the International Institute of Applied System Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria and BAS: "Interactive Optimization Systems". Developing algorithms and codes for solving various optimization problems and optimization interactive interface.


Data Structures, lectures, NBU (in English)
Object-Oriented Programming (C++), lectures, NBU (in English)
Introduction in Programming (C++), lectures, NBU (in English)
2001- Programming for Advanced, lectures and labs, NBU
2000 Chaotic Dynamical Systems, lectures and labs, FMI, SU
2000-2005 Operating systems, lectures, SWU
2000-2004 Programming and Data Structures: C++, lectures, SWU and BFU
1999-2004 Object oriented programming: C++, lectures, SWU and BFU
1999-2004 Introduction in Programming: C++, lectures, SWU and BFU
1999 Programming and Data Structures, lectures, SWU
1998-1999 Introduction in Programming, lectures, SWU
1996-1997 Programming and numerical methods, lectures and labs, Technical University of Sofia
1994-1995 Chaotic Dynamical Systems (graduate), lectures and labs, NBU
1993 Discrete Dynamical Systems: Theory and Computer modeling (with Mathematica package), lectures and labs, Summer Workshop on Computer Aided University Mathematics Instruction, organized by Athens University, supported by ERASMUS and TEMPUS, Athens, Greece. Participants: graduate students and lecturers from Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece
1991-1992 Introduction to Chaotic Dynamical Systems (primarily for graduate students), lectures and labs, FMI, SU
1989-1991 Optimization Interface (graduate), lectures, FMI, SU
1983-1986 Calculus (undergraduate), lectures, Faculty of Geography, SU
1980-1982 Mathematical Programming (graduate), labs, FMI, SU
1978-1979 Calculus (undergraduate), labs, Faculty of Geography, SU
1987-1997 Supervision of M.Sc. theses (10 students), FMI, SU

Computational Experience

Qt: a C++ class library and tools for cross-platform development
Databases MySQL and PostgreSQL
1993- Using INTERNET tools: browsers, ftp, telnet and SSH, html
1991- Programming on UNIX OC (HP, DEC, IBM, Sun, Silicon) in C/C++
1986- Using IBM PC computers (DOS, Windows), programming on Pascal and C/C++; using dBase, TeX, MS Office - Access, Excel, CorelDraw, etc. and math packages Mathematica (Wolfram Research), Maple (Waterloo) and MATLAB (MathWorks)
1985 Working on Apple computers in USCD Pascal
1978-1988 Programming on IBM360 computer (VM, TSO) in FORTRAN and PL1; using optimization package MPSX
1974-1978 Programming on Minsk2 and Minsk32 computers in Machine language and FORTRAN

Research Interests

Applied Projects

National health register of persons in places with potential occupational exposure to ionising radiation
1991- Software for creating and processing the databases produced the elections in Bulgaria (used in Parliamentary elections 1991, 1994, 1997 and 2001; Presidential election 1992 and Municipal elections 1995 and 1999)
1990- Supervision of groups dealing with keyboarding, editing and "camera ready" preparing scientific journals (including "Comptes rendus de l'Academie bulgare des Sciences") and mathematical journals (including Math Reviews-vol.1), textbooks, etc. (using mainly TeX, LaTeX, AMSTeX).
1985-1989 Optimization software (methods and interface) for decision support systems and education
1985-1986 Simulation models in steel production
1980-1989 Problems on the high voltage electricity net of Bulgaria - distribution of electric power, optimization of placement of new electric devices, software systems for visualization and multivariate analysis, etc.
1978-1980 Optimization the parameters of cryogenic superconductors

List of selected publications

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