Homework No.2

[Recursion, Sorting and Searching]

Do an exercise from our textbook. Read carefully the text and use that every odd-numbered exercise has a solution given by Kay Horsmann, see

The number of your task is the value of the expression faculty_number%13. Write a complete program.

0. Exercise P14.2 (p.542)
1. Exercise P14.4 (p.542)
2. Exercise P14.6 (p.543)
3. Exercise P14.8 (p.543)
4. Exercise P14.10 (p.543)
5. Exercise P14.12 (p.545)
6. Exercise P15.2 (p.573)
7. Exercise P15.4 (p.573)
8. Exercise P15.6 (p.573)
9. Exercise P15.8 (p.573)
10. Exercise P15.10 (p.574)
11. Exercise P15.12 (p.574)
12. Exercise P15.14 (p.574)