Distractions In The Classroom - Behavioral Expectations

 Classroom "etiquette" expectations should include:
  1. Attending classes and paying attention. Do not ask an instructor in class to go over material you missed by skipping a class or not concentrating
  2. Not coming to class late or leaving early. If you must enter a class late, do so quietly and do not disrupt the class by walking between the class and the instructor. Do not leave class unless it is an absolute necessity.
  3. Not talking with other classmates while the instructor or another student is speaking. If you have a question or a comment, please raise your hand, rather than starting a conversation about it with your neighbor.
  4. Showing respect and concern for others by not monopolizing class discussion. Allow others time to give their input and ask questions. Do not stray from the topic of class discussion.
  5. Not eating and drinking during class time.
  6. Turning off the electronics: cell phones, pagers, and beeper watches.
  7. Avoiding audible and visible signs of restlessness. These are both rude and disruptive to the rest of the class.
  8. Focusing on class material during class time. Sleeping, talking to others, doing work for another class, reading the newspaper, checking email, and exploring the internet are unacceptable and can be disruptive.
  9. Not packing bookbags or backpacks to leave until the instructor has dismissed class.